L'Harry Steed

Your steed, to serve you.

(source : http://rappersdoingnormalshit.tumblr.com, dope tumblr)

Listen to the prelude to enjoy better the Red Eyes track from this new german artist, very great EP
Prelude by thomasazier
Red Eyes by thomasazier

Amazing feeling/instrumental
I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night by xskywlkr

Perfect track to float in your bed, love the sample
Reasons by David Heartbreak

Also an another great chilling track
Collapsin’ ft. Brea W.I.P by REKchampa

U U U got me down, love the part a 1:30 Maribou State - Got Me Down (JASON BURNS REMIX) by Jason Burns

I fuckin love the original and this remix is also dope asfuck Wale Ft Miguel - Lotus Flower Bomb (DjSliinkRemix) by DjSliink

I found out this remix of Gucci Gucci made by the uk artist Brey and the instrumental is huge!!
Both are available here Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci (Brey’s The Swagger Is Emosh Refuck) by Brey

Cool mixtape from Prince club Prince Club December 011 Pulse Radio Mix by Prince Club

Some preview from the new upcoming Jimmy Edgar album, one of my favorite producer.
Still have his Physical Motion track on repeat from his XXX album

Extract from the new Quentin Dupieux (Mr Oizo) movie, Wrong.

“It will grow”