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Bill Murray x Wes Anderson

(via lcrzt)

After this last big discovery, Bauuer, I’m gonna talk abut Shatter Hands, a danish beatmaker I discovered this morning with the perfect Dr Dre - Still D.R.E refix he made. He also daily release 404 Session beats & freely released, 6 months ago, a 4tracks EP.

This big refixe which made my morning

I’m not going to talk about Jack Bauer - even if I was a fan of 24 - but abut my morning discovery : baauer

What a blast ! I don’t have more information abut this Brooklyn-based producer who ONLY has 150 followers (!!!!) but this is abut hip hop & big bass, no more useless speaking, enjoy !

This is also abut lov & feeling and bigbasss of course = perfect combo

Bytheway, talking abut Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer), be sure to check the new tv show he’s playing in, Touch, the pilot amazed me Harry